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Significant changes for the 3rd post-Covid edition

The Moroccan Consumer Day, the first annual event dedicated to the Moroccan consumer, resumes this year, after a mandatory two-year shutdown caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

This forced vacancy was an opportunity to rethink the positioning of the event to enable it to better reflect the concerns of consumers and the evolution of their consumption habits as well as to support the national dynamic engaged in the direction of the promotion made in morocco, let the organizers know in a press release.

In this perspective, the Moroccan Consumer Day becomes a Moroccan Consumer Days (with an S at the end of days) to be spread over several days, throughout the year. It will thus be structured around three highlights and broken down into three distinct events, specifies the same source.

Baptized Consumer Day, the first highlight starts in March, on the sidelines of World Consumer Rights Day. It will be held this year under the theme “ Implementation of the new development model: Where does the government stand in protecting consumers’ purchasing power? “.

The second highlight is dedicated to the promotion of Made in Morocco and Moroccan brands. Baptized Made in Morocco Day, and will be held next May under the theme ” Morocco Now: what place for national brands, what role for the Moroccan consumer? “.

And to end the Moroccan Consumer Days in style, the third highlight will be devoted to the study of the latest trends in consumption, marketing and communications, under the Consumer Trends Annual Meeting label. This event has the ambition to become the essential annual meeting and the high mass of marketers and communicators from Morocco and elsewhere, conclude the organizers.




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