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Signature of the framework agreement for the realization of the project of the city Mohammed VI Tanger Tech

A framework agreement for the realization of the Mohammed VI Tanger Tech city project was signed during a ceremony held on Monday, July 25, 2022, in Rabat.

The Mohamed VI Tangier Tech city project focuses on the creation of a sustainable, integrated and intelligent industrial city, with the objective of injecting a new dynamic into the economic activities of the Kingdom and consolidating its anchoring in the Euro- Mediterranean.

On this occasion, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour indicated that this project embodies the royal will to make Morocco an essential hub between Europe and Africa.

“It is an industrial megalopolis which undeniably supports the national industrial strategy and thus strengthens Morocco’s attractiveness and competitiveness on the international scene”, he added.

Located in the Communes of Laaouma and Sebt Azzinate in the Tangier Tetouan Al Hoceima Region, this project, which covers a total area of ​​2167 ha, will include an industrial acceleration zone (ZAI) with a total area of ​​947 ha. , of which 467 ha have already been set up as ZAIs in accordance with the provisions of Law 19-94 relating to ZAIs.

It also encompasses a smart city with an overall area of ​​1,220 hectares, which will include service areas, residential, tourist and leisure complexes, as well as all the public infrastructure necessary for the proper functioning of the city.

It should be noted that the signatories of this agreement are the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Equipment and Water, the Wilaya of the Tangier-Tetouan- Al Hoceima, the Council of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, SATT, Bank of Africa, the Tangier Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA) and the companies Beijing Zhonglu Urban Development Corporation, China Communications Construction Company LTD, China Road and Bridge Corporation LTD and CCCC Investment Company LTD.




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