Signature of a tripartite agreement on the use of the digital identity of the national card

Signature of a tripartite agreement on the use of the digital identity of the national card

A tripartite agreement on the use of the digital identity of the national card for the simplification and improvement of access to health services, was signed Friday in Rabat.

Signed by the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb, the Director General of National Security, Abdellatif Hammouchi and the President of the National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection (CNDP), Omar Serghouchni , this agreement will allow the operation of the trusted third-party system developed by national security services with the aim of simplifying and improving citizens’ access to health services, while respecting the confidentiality of data relating to medical records, says a joint statement from the signatories.

This agreement, which is part of the implementation of the enlightened vision of King Mohammed VI relating to the rehabilitation and reform of the health system in order to support the generalization of social protection and health coverage , in particular the component of the digitization of health establishments, constitutes the culmination of the continuous efforts of the three institutions and government sectors, deployed since the advent of the pandemic, through a participatory approach, to allow openness to the use of technological innovations provided by the new generation of the national electronic identity card, with the aim of facilitating citizens’ access to health services in a simplified and secure way, while protecting their personal data, according to the same source.

As part of the digitization policy initiated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, this agreement will agree to control and verify the identity of patients, thus making it possible to secure and develop the integrated medical information system, adopted by the ministry at the level of health establishments and public hospitals, it is added, noting that the agreement will also make it possible to accompany the implementation of the projects of the reform of the national health system, while avoiding the bad use of the identity of others in medical records or to obtain certain medications that require identity verification when issuing special prescriptions.

The provisions of this agreement also provide for the possibility of extending cooperation in the field of health by allowing citizens to include some of their health data in the electronic chip of the national identity card, such as the health, the patient identifier and the identifier of the social protection, it is known.

To this end, the signatory parties to this tripartite agreement are delighted that this agreement is promising common ground for improving and simplifying access to health services, while respecting the protection of patients’ personal data and offers the possibility to exploit the service technology offered by the national electronic identity card in the field of health, the statement concludes.


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