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SIAM 2023 welcomes the Village Startups Pavilion

The 15th edition of the International Agricultural Show in Morocco (SIAM), is scheduled from May 2 to 7, 2023 in Meknes. After 3 years of absence, SIAM returns with new features, including a new pavilion dedicated to startups.

Initiated under the theme “Green Generation: for sustainable food sovereignty”, this 15th edition will therefore welcome, and for the first time, the Village Startups Pavilion, a new center set up on the initiative of the General Commissioner of the Show and which will bring together 30 national and international startups around a program combining round tables, conferences and immersive demonstrations.

The adoption of new technologies and smart practices in the Moroccan agricultural sector has now become an imperative necessity, notes a press release from SIAM, noting that indeed, new technological solutions and innovations are now an essential resource for developing a intelligent, efficient and sustainable Moroccan and African agriculture.

This is evidenced by the ambitions of the “Green Generation 2020-2030” strategy, which advocates the development of a resilient agricultural sector, by introducing new technologies, digitizing agricultural services and improving quality and the capacity for innovation.

This year, SIAM puts these aspirations at the forefront and on nearly 1,200 m². A dynamic and innovative ecosystem made up of 30 national AND international startups who will present their solutions capable of developing the agricultural business model, its offers, its practices and its expertise, while responding to the agronomic, economic and environmental challenges incumbent on it .

For Jaouad Chami, Commissioner General of SIAM, “From AgTech to FoodTech via GreenTech or WaterTech, this new hub will bring together and bring together the various stakeholders in order to support and accelerate innovation, food sovereignty, sustainability, resilience and competitiveness. of tomorrow’s agriculture. These 30 startups aim to submit new approaches to public and private actors to improve the performance, efficiency and profitability of the agricultural sector..

Another major novelty this year is the deployment of the “Digital Immersive Farm”. A 300 m² demonstrator installed in the heart of the “Village Startups” pavilion which will house a FirmaTech e-services counter, connected presentation desks, a digital greenhouse, a virtual reality space, networking areas, vertical agriculture, of cultures, breeding and aquaponics, a method combining the culture of vegetables and the breeding of fish in a shared environment.

The General Commissioner of the Show explains in this respect that “modernizing the agricultural sector involves the introduction of technological innovations at the various stages of the production process, from upstream to downstream, from the plot to management. This digital farm will offer an immersive and interactive experience to visitors and will showcase the latest technologies and sustainable agricultural practices. Agritech startups can use this space to showcase their products and services quickly and efficiently in the areas of sustainable food production, indoor agriculture, virtual reality and animal husbandry. On the sidelines of the show, gaming competitions will also be launched to nurture the spirit of challenge.“.

Deployed over an area of ​​18 ha, of which 11 ha are covered, SIAM should welcome this year 900,000 visitors, 1,400 exhibitors and 68 participating countries.



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