Short films to celebrate World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day, the Mobile Film Festival highlights the short films of 2 of its editions on the occasion of COP21 and COP25 in partnership with the United Nations and YouTube.

The Mobile Film Festival celebrates World Environment Day on June 5, by providing 9 award-winning films but also the 2 official selections of each edition, ie 125 films in all.

All the films respond to the unique 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film format, and tackle with creativity, intelligence, conviction many themes such as information, waste, drought, deforestation, overpopulation, species extinction. animal.

The films are all subtitled in French, English, and sometimes in Spanish and Italian. They are also published on the main social networks: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

All films are free of rights within the framework of the Mobile Film Festival on the occasion of this world day but also throughout the year to combat climate change and the consequences on the environment.



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