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several stab wounds in a Paris station

Several people were stabbed by an individual on Wednesday morning in the Gare du Nord in Paris, before being neutralized by the police, French media report.

The attack, which took place around 6:40 a.m., was confirmed by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin on his Twitter account.

“An individual injured several people this morning at the Gare du Nord. He was quickly neutralized”, he wrote without further details, welcoming the “effective and courageous reaction” of the police after their intervention in the station.

According to the media, six people were injured by the assailant, who was neutralized by the police after using their weapon.

The press evokes a bladed weapon, without specifying its nature, adding that the vital prognosis of the author of the attack is engaged.

The traffic of main lines, TER, RER and Ile-de-France trains is disrupted at departures as well as at arrivals from the Gare du Nord, said the SNCF.



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