Several “L’Poufa” traffickers arrested

Several “L’Poufa” traffickers arrested

The security services of the economic capital have launched a vast campaign in several neighborhoods to stem the spread of the dangerous narcotic. The boufa“, nicknamed the ” drug of the poor“.

For the past few days, the security forces in the Casablanca region have been carrying out large-scale operations in working-class neighborhoods, where the sale of this drug is raging and threatens both the health of young people and the tranquility of the city.

The authorities of the metropolis have thus given firm directives to the various services placed under their authority, in particular in the districts of Hay Moulay Rachid, Sidi Othmane and Hay Hassani, to put an end to the activities of the traffickers responsible for the spread of this devastating drug among young people, whose number of users has increased considerably in recent times.

Over the past few days, several traffickers of ” The boufa were apprehended in various neighborhoods, and the operation continues in areas where this drug is rampant, including in the neighborhood of Moulay Rachid where the bottles used for the consumption of this drug were seized.

According to the latest information from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), two individuals were arrested yesterday, Monday, in possession of 40 doses of ” The boufa during an operation to combat drug trafficking and possession.

This initiative is part of the ongoing efforts made by the DGSN services to combat the trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances, in particular the dreaded ” The Poufa“, which continues to wreak havoc among young people.

Laftit arrested in Parliament

Faced with this scourge, an opposition deputy challenged the Minister of the Interior in a written question, warning of the risks for schools, where this substance circulates in a worrying way.

In response to this concern, Abdelouafi Laftit, provided worrying figures: Between January and June 2023, the police forces managed to seize approximately 3 kg of “ The boufa and to arrest 282 individuals involved in the traffic. The deputy had expressed concerns about the proliferation of this drug in schools, but the minister insisted that no less than 4,286 arrests were carried out near colleges and high schools for various cases, leaving no room for the trivialization of the situation.

Laftit has made it clear that tackling drug-related crime is a priority for his department. He highlighted the challenges and threats posed by this situation, including the links between drugs and organized crime.

To fight effectively against this scourge, a global security approach has been put in place. This aims to reduce the supply of drugs by strengthening controls at borders and on the country’s roads. In addition, the internal approach focuses on preventive measures, in particular through sanitization operations and reinforced controls in public places such as cafés and gambling houses.

As part of this fight against drug trafficking among young people, the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) has set up awareness campaigns during the 2022/2023 school year. Nearly 713,782 pupils from 8,675 establishments have benefited from these initiatives, with the aim of informing and warning young people about the dangers of The boufa and other harmful substances.


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