Several arrests linked to a vast case of illegal mediation

Several arrests linked to a vast case of illegal mediation

MoroccoLatestNews learned from informed sources that the National Brigade of the Judicial Police (BNPJ) has been carrying out investigations for some time which could lead to a new “earthquake” within the judicial system in Casablanca.

These investigations, carried out on instructions from the King’s Attorney General, led to the arrest of several intermediaries and officials at the Court of Appeal of Casablanca, involved in activities related to mediation in legal cases, specified the sources of MoroccoLatestNews.

In this context, the interception of telephone calls, carried out by order of the public prosecutor’s office in the context of previous cases, revealed a new network of mediation in judicial cases. This discovery led to in-depth investigations with the aim of apprehending all the suspects involved in these illegal activities, underlines our source.

Also, an employee of the Registry of the Commercial Court in Casablanca, as well as more than 12 intermediaries are concerned. Some appeared on Thursday, and the others on Friday, after their custody was extended.

The members of the BNPJ are continuing their investigations into this case, in particular because the names of lawyers and judges were mentioned during the investigation. The prosecution carefully studies this information before deciding to hear the persons benefiting from judicial privileges.

According to initial information, the people involved in this case were working on cases in various courts in Casablanca, including the Court of Appeal, the Criminal Court of First Instance of Aïn Sebaâ and the Civil Court of First Instance, and did not hesitate not to resort to corruption to influence justice.

This case, which once again shakes the foundations of justice in Casablanca, comes after the arrest last summer of a network of intermediaries, brokers, judges and members of the security forces, in the case known as Network of the Sands“, and who had been unmasked by the broker nicknamed “ El 3omomi at Dar Bouazza.


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