Senegal says Morocco’s Autonomy Plan offers ‘best guarantees’ for lasting solution

Senegal says Morocco’s Autonomy Plan offers ‘best guarantees’ for lasting solution

Senegal affirmed, Monday in New York, that the advanced Autonomy initiative, proposed by Morocco, offers “the best guarantees” for a just, lasting and mutually acceptable solution to the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

Speaking before the 4th committee of the UN General Assembly, the representative of Senegal, Diamane Diome, stressed that the Autonomy plan, which is in accordance with international law, the Charter of the United Nations and the resolutions of the Security Council, augurs a better future for the entire Sahelo-Saharan region.

He recalled that more than 100 States continue to support this plan, noting that confidence in the solidity of this initiative explains the decision of 30 States, including Senegal, to open consular representations in Laâyoune and Dakhla, in a bid to contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

The diplomat also lauded Morocco’s notable progress as well as its efforts in the region which have enabled the improvement of the human rights situation, the strengthening of local democracy and the promotion of economic and social development in all of the Moroccan Sahara.

“The Kingdom of Morocco has ensured, with constancy, the enjoyment by all populations of the Moroccan Sahara of their rights, with a view to full participation in national life,” he underlined, citing the participation of elected local representatives during the elections of September 8, 2021, at important meetings and discussions such as the Geneva round tables and the sessions of the UN Committee of 24.

Regarding the political process carried out under the exclusive auspices of the UN Secretary General, the diplomat said that his country notes with satisfaction the efforts deployed by the Personal Envoy of the Secretary General for the Moroccan Sahara, Staffan de Mistura in order to relaunch the process.

He welcomed, in this regard, his two visits to Rabat, to the Tindouf camps in Algeria, to Algiers and to Nouakchott, in 2022 and in September 2023, as well as the informal bilateral consultations which he held in March 2023, in New York with stakeholders.

The diplomat also welcomed de Mistura’s recent visits to Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania last September, in view of the Security Council meeting on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara scheduled for October, while emphasizing the need to support and consolidate this “undeniable” progress made in the political process.

He further noted that his country urges all stakeholders to remain committed in the constructive dynamic triggered mainly by the two round tables in Geneva and the visits aforementioned, and to display realism and a spirit of compromise, with a view to reaching a political solution to this regional dispute.

The Senegalese diplomat also welcomed Morocco’s continued cooperation with MINURSO as well as the Kingdom’s respect of the ceasefire.


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