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Seddik Maâninou publishes the 4th edition of his memoirs “Ayam Zamane”

Journalist and writer Mohamed Seddik Maâninou has just published the fourth edition of his memoirs “Ayam Zamane”, a six-volume saga that looks back on the highlights of the journalist’s 40-year career under the reign of the late Hassan II.

Published by “Editions & Impressions Bouregreg”, this 4th edition, each volume of which comprises between 300 and 330 pages, succeeds the previous ones which are out of stock following the high demand recorded.

According to the author of Ayam Zaman, this enthusiasm indicates the great interest of readers for the historical period covered by the book, which was punctuated by major events and was marked by a standoff between the opposition and the power. .

This historical saga, he argues, may have piqued the curiosity of readers eager to learn more about these events through the eyes of someone who saw them up close.

And to specify: “I was very close to the ground of the events since I was responsible at the time for covering the activities of the late Hassan II and, as such, I was part of the delegations which accompanied him during his visits. in different countries in Europe, the United States and Africa, as well as during his travels within Morocco”.

He cites in particular the two coup attempts of the 70s of the last century, the Green March, the War of the Sands and the visit of the late sovereign to the city of Dakhla.

More than a simple historical account, these memoirs set out the author’s positions vis-à-vis several issues, including the Tazmamart prison and the withdrawal of the former Organization of African Unity (OAU), it worth.

The six volumes of the work are titled, in order, “The procession of the Sultan”, “The dazzling victory”, “The war of existence”, “The lean years”, “The servant of the King” and “The adversary and the friend”.




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