seasonal brokers versus travel agencies

seasonal brokers versus travel agencies

“Seasonal broker”, a job that flourishes during the summer holidays. On the outskirts of the city or on rental sites, these young people work hard to persuade tourists. However, not all the plans offered are good to take.

In Martil, near Tetouan, on the outskirts of the city, a chain of young people brandishing a set of keys lure tourists who have come to visit the region to rent an apartment. These brokers both guide these vacationers and facilitate their stay while offering them the best rental sites on the market and indicating the places to visit.

This job can sometimes bring in a lot, since the seasonal broker earns between 50 and 100 dirhams per client. In the best of cases, they can earn 400 or even 500 dirahms, according to the testimony of a broker, enough to revive the economic activity of the region for a summer.

These young people hang out at the entrance to the city to welcome visitors and serve as their intermediary.

It has become customary for the visitor to be treated with great consideration by these “brokers” who will stop at nothing to persuade him to accept their offer. In general, what is offered as a holiday home is just a simple apartment, often poorly equipped, badly located or unsanitary. It is particularly located in popular neighborhoods or those close to the coast such as Ahrik-Catalan or Chbar.

It’s our job, we’re looking forward to the summer to rent our apartments. It’s the way we can support ourselves“, acknowledged a broker contacted by us.

To save commission expenses, most vacationers avoid asking for the services of real estate agents and travel agencies. A profitable situation for these seasonal brokers who seize the opportunity.

“We are the big beneficiaries, tourists contact us for a better service with a reasonable price”told us the same source.

Moreover, this situation does not please approved real estate agencies. The latter complain about the negative effects of this phenomenon, considering that the presence of these brokers on the market constitutes illegal competition and a threat that hinders the services of agencies and agents.

These operations are not in accordance with the law, told us the director of a travel agency located in Martil. ” Several procedures are violated by these brokers who seek only material gain “, he added.

On the outskirts of the city or on the booking site, these “malicious” brokers do not miss the opportunity to rip off tourists looking at all costs for a suitable rental to fully enjoy the holidays.

Contacted by MoroccoLatestNews, a mother shares her experience with us. Eager to spend a vacation with her family, the woman in question would have booked an Airbnb, by the sea, with S, a Moroccan national living in France, before having to postpone her stay because of health concerns, while having paid the requested fees, at a high price.

After getting back in touch with the landlord, our interlocutor had the unpleasant surprise to learn that the owner of the Airbnb had already reserved the accommodation in question for the rest of the vacation without informing her.

However, the latter managed to find another accommodation for her client, in order to respect her end of the bargain. A rental far from the expectations of the holidaymaker who found herself far from amenities in an apartment in a dubious state.

Our interlocutor explains to us that she tried to contact the renter but without answer. In this sense, she filed a lawsuit in order to clarify this case.

In this regard, Bouazza Kharati, President of the Moroccan Federation for Consumer Rights (FMDC), told us: “ This question related to brokers refers us to important economic and commercial activities that flourish in the shadows and without any standard of consumption. noting that the activity of these intermediaries or brokers can be considered parasitic in the absence of any legal framework regulating this activity.

Our speaker added that “the nature of transactions that are not officially authorized negatively affects the consumption of citizens “, emphasizing that “ brokers benefit financially and obtain significant financial returns, by raising the rental price to imaginary levels“.

Thus, the president of the FMDC called for a framework for this sector in order to protect the consumer from any form of exploitation and extortion, which is embodied in the manipulation of the price by intermediaries on the one hand, and to guarantee the rights of the mediator and the stability of his work on the other.

The current situation in this sector facilitates access to certain ill-intentioned people who take advantage of the trust of apartment owners to rent them in order to practice prostitution, for example; This exposes the owner of the apartment to legal liability “, concluded our interlocutor.


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