SDX Energy, starts a second phase of gas drilling in the Gharb

In a press release released today, November 19, 2021, the British oil and gas exploration company API SDX ENERGIE, operating in North Africa which owns a direct 75% stake in the Sebou concession, located in the Gharb basin. after a few months of stoppage announced the resumption of its drilling operations.

This after having completed, at the end of June, the initial phase of its 2021 drilling campaign of its first three wells (OYF-3, KSR-17 and KSR-18) in the northeast of the Gharb basin in Morocco, which all have been commercial successes. ” OYF-3 and KSR-17 are already connected and producing in our infrastructure Said Mark Reid, CEO of SDX ENERGY.

SDX Energy is an international oil and gas exploration, production and development company, headquartered in London, primarily developing its business in the MENA region, particularly in Egypt and Morocco. According to Mark Reid, the start of the second phase of his drilling campaign in Morocco, which concerns two wells located in the Gharb region (KSR 19 and SAK-1), began on November 18 with the first cited before the excavation of the second follows in a second step.

Both wells seek to encounter shallow biogenic gas accumulations. KSR-19 is close to the Company’s existing infrastructure, allowing the connection to be made quickly and at low cost. SAK-1 is a little further from the existing infrastructure, but will still be relatively quick to hook up and, if successful, will open up a new area for drilling and subsequent exploitation. The Company uses the drilling rig that was previously stacked in its yard in Morocco, resulting in minimal mobilization costs.

If the results that are expected to be released within the next month are successful, SDX Energy “Will open a new exploration zone for SDX in the Lalla Mimouna Sud concession”,indicates the group in its press release. “The objective of these wells is to add reserves to allow us to continue to deliver gas to our customers in accordance with their contractual requirements.“, Said Mark Reid, CEO of SDX Energy, quoted by the press release.

SDX said both wells were targeting shallow biogenic gas. The first well is close to the existing infrastructure, which would allow connection to be made quickly and at a lower cost, says SDX Energy. The KSR-19 well was drilled on November 18 and targets the reservoir called Main Hoot, at a depth of approximately 1,780 meters. The SAK-1 well will affect a shallower reservoir approximately 1,300 meters.

Work on this second phase of drilling should be completed in December 2021, when the company will announce the results of these operations. These come after those of the phase of the SDX drilling campaign in Morocco which took place this year, between May and July, which concerned three evaluation / development wells (OYF-3, KSR-17 and KSR-18) with gross reserves of 1.5 to 1.6 billion cubic feet of gas, all of which were “commercial successes,” it was said at the time.

Mark Reid, CEO of SDX Energy quoted in the press release, commented on the event,“I am pleased to announce that the Company has started the second phase of its 2021 drilling campaign in Morocco. I look forward to updating the market over the next month or so on the results of these wells. “



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