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Scientific production and digital transformation: Morocco is a good student

With the objective of studying the evolution of national and international scientific production in the field of digital transformation, Morocco is excellently positioned in relation to this theme.

The National Center for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST), through its Watch service, carried out a bibliometric study entitled “Scientific Production Relative to Digital Transformation: Scopus and Web Of Science (2016-2020)”. The completion of this study was used by the data provided by the Scopus and web Of Science databases during the period 2016-2020, and the use of keywords called “digital transformation”, “E-transformation” , digital economy ”,“ digital business ”and others the query being based essentially on these specific terms relating to this theme.

The data analyzed in this watch study showed that the majority of scientific publications related to this topic were produced in the last six years, with a result of more than 10,692 publications in the Scopus * database, and more than 6,463 publications in the Web Of Science * database. The interrogation of these reference reservoirs reveals that the majority of publications relating to this theme have been produced during the last 6 years.

Internationally, and at the level of the two databases, the contribution of Russia, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom to this scientific effort is at the forefront in terms of the volume of scientific production. For our part, Morocco ranks honorably third at the Arab level behind Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and second at the African level behind South Africa, thus ahead of countries such as Egypt and Nigeria respectively. , Ghana, Tunisia, Kenya and Algeria. In terms of disciplines, computer science is the most popular specialty in terms of scientific publications (36% in the Scopus database and 45% in the Web Of Science database), followed by the fields of engineering, communications, business economics and others.

Scopus and WOS (2015-2020) ”aims to provide information on the evolution of national and international scientific production in the theme of digital transformation and thus considers the positioning of Morocco, at regional and international level, in relation to to this question. “Research related to digital transformation is relatively recent and topical.

It therefore deals with a wide spectrum of scientific questions, ranging from fundamental to application, including societal issues. It thus touches on several disciplinary fields.



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