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Saudi Arabia gives a monumental slap to Algeria

Algeria, which wanted to snatch the limelight and take the paternity of Syria’s (potential) return to the Arab League, has seen its hopes dashed by the diplomacy of Saudi Arabia. In Algiers, the generals in power are very unhappy…

The Algerian regime has been trying in vain for many months to multiply initiatives to restore its image as an authoritarian and anti-democratic country after the Hirak events in 2019, the fall of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the placement in power of a new unelected and unpopular president in the person of Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

By attempting to organize continental or Mediterranean sporting events (Mediterranean Games, CHAN, etc.), or even by hosting meetings such as the Arab League Summit, the Algerian regime wants to buy back international credibility, and somewhat regain a place on the diplomatic chessboard.

During the last Arab League Summit organized in Algeria, marked by the reluctance of Arab countries and by the failure of Algerian diplomacy to impose its agenda upstream, in addition to markers of hatred towards Morocco, the junta in power in Algeria had already tried to add the subject of the return of Syria to the menu of discussions, without success.

Marking the failure of the Arab Summit in Algeria, all Arab leaders except the Emir of Qatar, the Egyptian President and the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, decided not to go to Algiers.

Arab states know the designs behind Algeria’s insistence on reinstating Bashar Al Assad’s regime after his country became a favored military training camp for terrorist and extremist groups like Hezbollah and Polisario separatists.

This is how Algeria’s demands were ignored by all the Arab countries and the subject has just been put on the table, of course, without Algeria’s participation, despite the fact that it currently holds the presidency of the Arab League.

On Friday, Saudi Arabia – which will host the next Summit in Riyadh – organized a conference on the subject of Syria’s return to the pan-Arab organization in the presence of 9 countries, namely the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan.

This meeting was a cold shower for the Algerian leaders who see in it not only the sidelining of their country despite its pro-Bashar position, but also the extent of the lack of confidence in the Algerian regime and its nature. warlike.

“In Algiers, this Saudi attitude does not pass. Algeria especially criticizes Saudi Arabia for “behaving” like the current president of the Arab League when it is she who performs this function”, indicates the Algerian site TSA, citing an Algerian source who indicates that the Saudi Arabia “must coordinate” with Algeria.

Algeria, which absolutely wanted to be associated with Syria’s return to the Arab League to make it an authoritative argument, understood that in the Arab States everyone understood their game, especially since a country cannot position itself as a unifying state when it is itself an artisan of discord and seeks to destabilize a neighboring Arab country.

The diplomacy of Crown Prince Mohammed ben Salman seeks light even to the detriment of other countries such as Algeria, which has made a strong comeback in recent years on the international scene, and whose role is now essential at regional level and within the Arab League, says TSA.

Always complimenting itself and losing itself in a narcissistic delirium, the Algerian press, spokesman for the military regime, adds: “By behaving in this way, Saudi Arabia shows once again that it is embarrassed by the new role of Algerian diplomacy (…) and thus takes the risk of dissatisfying the heavyweights of the pan-Arab organization”.

And by continuing to attack Saudi Arabia, the Algerian press threatens the next Summit with failure, simply for having dismissed Algeria. “No doubt obsessed with the relative diplomatic successes in the region with the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Iran”, launched TSA, criticizing the meeting on Syria by accusing it of “small maneuvers”.

The press organ affirms that the “Kingdom seriously irritates Algeria” which “does not understand the Saudi posture”. However, this posture is very simple to understand, and there is only a “dumb and wicked” regime not to understand that Saudi Arabia is preparing its own Summit and that it does not have to involve a country promoter of division within the Arab States.

It is enough to see what Algeria did during the last Summit against Morocco to see that we are not faced with a mature and worthy country, without forgetting either that the Algiers regime refused Saudi mediation.

Finally, concerning Morocco, he is not against Syria’s return to the Arab League but demands an end to support for the Polisario militia, and this is a point that does not please Algeria. obviously, since it is the country that finances the separatist organization to divide Morocco.



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