Sanctions against El Shahat deemed insufficient

Sanctions against El Shahat deemed insufficient

Following his unacceptable and unsportsmanlike gesture towards Moroccan international Mohamed Chibi, Al Ahly winger Hussein El Shahat has been suspended by the Egyptian Pro League (EPL) and fined around 6,400 dirhams. A sanction deemed insufficient by the Moroccan public.

On Sunday, Al Ahly player Hussein El Shahat physically attacked (slapped) Moroccan international playing at Pyramids FC, Mohamed Chibi, at the end of the match between the two teams (0-3) in the Egyptian championship, thus triggering a wave of indignation among Internet users who called for real sanctions against him.

Shortly after the altercation, the Al Ahly winger was ‘forced’ to apologize to Chibi, especially in front of cameras filming them. Nevertheless, it was only an act to distract the public’s attention.

Indeed, the Moroccan footballer revealed on his Instagram account that the reconciliation video ” was made in the presence of journalists and was requested by the other party after being informed that the video of the slap had circulated widely on the net“.

And that’s not all. The Moroccan international member of Pyramids FC said that before this incident ” there had been threats to break my leg, where I was told: ‘If you had started the match, I would have broken your leg‘”, noting that ” this threat jeopardizes my future in egyptian football“.

I could have easily reacted in the same way, or even more, but the respect of the internal rules of the club and of my managers at the club of Pyramids FC pushed me to avoid any reaction at this time.“, adds Chibi.

In this regard, the Egyptian Pro League suspended Hussein El Shahat for two games and fined him 20,000 Egyptian pounds (about 6,400 dirhams) as a sanction, but for Moroccan fans, this so-called measure is not sufficient given the incorrigible act committed. They demand the intervention of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), but also of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF).

For its part, the administration of the club has decided to file an official complaint with the Disciplinary Committee of the Egyptian Football Federation, as well as with the administration of the League of Professional Clubs, against the Al Ahly player, based on video evidence of the gesture.

This is not the first time that such incidents have occurred between Egyptians and Moroccans. We remember that at the last CAN U23, during which the Cubs won against the Egyptian selection, a player, unhappy with the defeat, threw a bottle at the head of a Moroccan supporter, while another savagely attacked a young ball boy, and a third made it clear to the public that the referee had been “bought” by Morocco.

In addition, during the meetings between the teams of the two countries, many tensions arise and frequently lead to accusations of corruption from supporters, players and even Egyptian coaches and which often circulate on social networks.


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