Samsung offers high-performance AI-assisted washing machines

Always in a spirit of innovation, Samsung Electronics designs new AI EcoBubble washing machines using and meeting artificial intelligence standards to facilitate and optimize their use as much as possible. Samsung intends to revolutionize the world of machines and offers households cutting-edge technology with intuitive and easy-to-use washing machines.

According to research conducted by Samsung, consumers around the world consider three main factors when purchasing a washing machine. The first factor is energy efficiency, or in other words the efficient consumption of energy by the machine when it is running or even at a standstill.

The second most important point before buying a washing machine is the washing time, the majority of respondents say their main complaint is too long washing time.

The third key factor is smart and simple control, consumers want their machine to be easy to use with an intuitive control panel and understandable cycle names.

In light of this research, Samsung has come up with a whole new concept of washing machines that meet the demands of users by using artificial intelligence, for cleaning that uses less energy, time and effort.
The EcoBubble Technology of the new Samsung washing machine provides powerful cleaning even at low temperatures, saving energy while protecting even the most fragile clothes.

Based on the power of bubbles for efficient washing, this allows detergent to dissolve and mix with air and water to create bubbles that quickly penetrate fabrics to remove the most stubborn stains . Also thanks to the “Super Fast” mode, it is possible to reduce the washing time with “Speed ​​Spray”, which projects powerful jets of water to remove detergent residues.

Best of all, the new AI EcoBubble range simplifies the user experience by remembering how they like to wash their clothes, optimizing settings and offering helpful tips. The spin cycles are also shorter thus allowing to reduce the consumption of electricity for beneficial savings on the expenses of the consumer and also the environment.
“The new front-loading washing machine houses a series of smart features powered by artificial intelligence and IoT, allowing customers to personalize their laundry experience.”, said Samsung’s Appliances Manager.
“Our consumers all have different wardrobes and lifestyles, and it makes sense that their laundry processes are just as diverse. By bringing our AI and IoT to laundry, we’ve made washing and drying more intuitive, personalized and convenient ”, he added.

Eco Bubble technology for efficient and intelligent cleaning

The artificial intelligence control allows clothes to be washed efficiently by memorizing preferences and suggesting personalized cycles adapted to the type of fabric. With a view to facilitating and transforming the daily lives of its users, Samsung has thought of a SmartThings application that offers remote control of the new range of AI EcoBubble machines and that makes it possible to make the most of the latter’s functionalities since the comfort of his Smartphone.

The app also provides advice on the best wash cycles with “Laundry Recipe” which helps the user to choose the most optimal cycle based on information entered regarding color, fabric type and soiling level.
The “Scheduler” allows cycle downtime to be managed, and on top of that, a “HomeCare” wizard that proactively monitors the machine and provides remote troubleshooting assistance. This app is available on Android and iOS, so a Samsung account is required to use it.

When the washer and dryer both have AI control and Wi-Fi, an Auto Cycle Link system automatically selects the perfect drying path. Also thanks to the Addwash option, it is possible for users to add laundry or a detergent when the cycle is already started for an improvement of the comfort of use.

In the context of the health crisis we are experiencing today, a “Hygiene Steam” option is also available on certain models. It allows the elimination of dirt, allergens and 99.9% of bacteria by steam for an improvement in the quality of cleaning without tedious preliminary treatment. By also pressing the “Bubble Soak” button, it is possible to remove the most stubborn stains thanks to an active bubble program in which heavily soiled clothes are immersed.

The AI ​​EcoBubble machine is also equipped with self-cleaning thanks to the integrated “Drum Cleaning”. The latter keeps the door and interior of the washing machine hygienically clean while saving money and reducing environmental impact. No more expensive detergents, “Drum Cleaner” removes dirt even around the door seal as well as 99.9% of bacteria responsible for drum odors by combining soaking, pulsation and high speed spinning.

The new AI EcoBubble washing machines are offered with or without a drying option and a load ranging from 7Kg to 21Kg of washing, as well as a guarantee of up to 10 years on machines using Digital Inverter Technology, a digital inverter technology. which incorporates powerful magnets to increase the performance of the washing machine while reducing noise pollution, resulting in lower energy consumption than that of a universal motor.
On the price side, no big change even with the new features based on artificial intelligence, the new range of washing machines is offered at recommended retail prices ranging between 5,199 MAD and 16,199 MAD.



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