sales improve by 8.97% at the end of November 2021

Sales of new cars in Morocco amounted to 156,920 units for the first eleven months of this year, up 8.97% compared to the end of November 2019, according to monthly statistics from the Association of Importers of motor vehicles in Morocco (AIVAM).

By segment, the number of new registrations of passenger vehicles (PCs) stood at 137,544 units, up 7.44%, while that of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) stood at 19,376 units (+21 , 32%), specifies the same source.

The “Dacia” brand still dominates the private vehicle segment, with a market share of 28.19%, or 38,780 new registrations since the start of the year (+ 0.36%), followed by Renault which sold 17,749 new ones. units (12.9% market share), Hyundai (11,301 units and 8.22% market share) and Peugeot (10,368 vehicles and 7.54% market share).

In light commercial vehicles (LCVs), the Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK) brand increased its sales by 138.39% to 3,800 units, while Renault and Dacia registered 2,813 and 1,970 new registrations, respectively. The Indian brand Mahindra, for its part, boosted its sales by 500% to 132 units.

Regarding sales of “premium” cars, Audi sold 3,287 units at the end of November 2021, i.e. a market share of 2.39%, ahead of BMW (3,037 vehicles and share of 2.21%) and Mercedes (2,364 units). and share of 1.72%).

In addition, AIVAM reports that sales of the German brand Porsche climbed 93.23% to 257 vehicles, while those of Jaguar fell 53.93% to 123 units.

In November alone, the number of new registrations stood at 12,953 units, down 2.67% compared to the same month in 2019. The breakdown by segment shows a decrease in PCs of 3 , 84% to 11,355 units and an increase in LCV of 6.53% to 1,598 units.



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