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Saïd Benayad: Morocco, the best Arab-Muslim country for observing crescent moons

The astronomy researcher, Saïd Benayad, animated this weekend a conference dedicated to the “criteria adopted for the confirmation of the observation of the lunar crescents”. In this regard, he affirmed that Morocco is the best Arab-Muslim country in terms of observing crescent moons.

The method advocated by the Kingdom in this area is “fair” and based on a set of very specific criteria, including the existence of 250 specialized commissions, he explained.

The specialized commissions in Morocco observe the lunar crescents of the different months of the Hegira, throughout the year, and not only with the advent of the month of Ramadan, said Saïd Benayada.

For his part, the dean of the Faculty of Sciences of Tetouan, Abdellatif Mokrim, indicated that this conference comes within the framework of a series of meetings scheduled by the university establishment on the occasion of the holy month, with a focus on relevant scientific topics.

It should be noted that the observation of the crescent is ensured by these specialized commissions which are distributed throughout the national territory as well as the members of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR).

Tetouan: conference on the observation of lunar crescents

Morocco and the Sultanate of Oman are the best countries in the field of observation of lunar crescents, continued the expert, noting that the most precise method remains that adopted by Morocco which is based on the criterion of ocular visibility. with the naked eye unlike several Islamic countries which opt for observation based on astronomical calculations.




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