Ryanair expected to lead international flights to Morocco in winter 2023

Ryanair expected to lead international flights to Morocco in winter 2023

The Moroccan National Tourism Office said in a press release that Ryanair is set to be the main flight provider to Morocco in the winter of 2023. 

Ryanair is set to provide six million seats for international flights to Morocco in the upcoming winter season, and plans to use one-third of them, which is two million seats. This is a 29% increase from the same time last year.

Ryanair is also opening 15 new flight routes in the upcoming winter season, connecting cities in Morocco like Agadir, Essaouira, Ouarzazate, Rabat, and Marrakech with countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

Adel El Fakir, the Director-General of the Moroccan National Tourism Office, said that Ryanair’s success is part of Morocco’s plan to have more direct international flights and boost tourism.

The expansion of air travel includes several destinations, with Marrakech being a major one. Marrakech will remain as Ryanair’s primary destination in Morocco, making up 42% of the airline’s capacity, with a 37% growth compared to the previous year.

Other airports like Ouarzazate have seen a significant increase in flights, with a 206% growth, followed by Essaouira with a 76% increase, Rabat at 40%, and Fes and Agadir at 13%. In total, Ryanair will have 12 aircraft based in Morocco.

This move will help Morocco connect to 12 key tourism markets, with France being the biggest at 31%, followed by Spain at 24%, and Germany at 11%. Some of the most significant growth comes from markets like Poland with a 332% increase, Germany with a 74% increase, and Ireland with a 60% increase.


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