Ryad Mezzour launches Go-To-Market for “exporting companies”

Ryad Mezzour launches Go-To-Market for “exporting companies”

The Ministry of Industry and Trade organized the ceremony dedicated to launch of the support and assistance program internationally Go-To-Market for companies with export potential operating in the industrial and service sectors.

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzourindicated that under this program, “ 40 companies have been selected to be supported in order to double their exports, specifying that the program aims to “inject one dirham of aid to increase the value of exports by 20% “.

Ryad Mezzour, added, that “the program aims to multiply by approximately 20, the investments. ” It is a unique program that supports each company according to its needs and specificities. “.

The Minister stated that “ 40 companies were selected from the 76 nominees on the basis of these criteria, namely: the ability to export, the target markets and the national added value of the product.“, emphasizing that it is “ prior experience to follow medium-sized companies“.

These companies export for two billion dirhams, for a value of about four billion dirhams per year, and ” this will allow the creation of 2,000 jobs annually “.

And the Minister continues by saying: “Thanks to this program, companies will be able to be selected for this first round of acquisition of additional export capacities of an amount of two billion dirhams during the years 2023-2024.. I would like to congratulate them and assure you that these companies will benefit from special support from the Ministry’s teams in order to disseminate the “Made in Morocco” brand internationally. “.

This program, implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Investments and Exports and the Moroccan Association of Exporters, and covering the period 2023-2024, aims to support the competitive capacities of companies at the international level, improving their ability to face competitors in foreign markets, as well as encouraging them to export new products and strengthen their position in other markets. It also targets companies whose annual export volume has exceeded 10 million dirhams over the past two years.

For his part, Hassan Sentissi, President of the Moroccan Association of Exporters (ASMEX), said: “ We hope that the program will continue and that the forty companies involved will only be a sample to be developed in the future.“. He added : ” I congratulate the companies from seven regions that were selected on the quality of their files and the number of their transactions, and I invite them to multiply their efforts. “. And the head of the Moroccan Association of Exporters added: Although the program is in its first edition, it deserves to be great. I hope, Minister, that the 40 possibilities that will be offered by the first version are only a model or a test for this study program”.

The “Go-To-Market” program responds to the need to take advantage of additional untapped export potential identified by the export task force set up by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to boost exports. This potential amounts to approximately 100 billion dirhams (12 billion to Africa). A mapping of the exportable offer was also carried out by product and by market, which made it possible to identify 1,200 pairs of products and markets. These pairs cover 200 products, 14 sectors and 53 specialties. It should be noted that more than 100 workshops were organized by the export team with 20 sector associations and federations, in the presence of companies with export capacities, to make them aware of the importance of this program.

This ceremony was also marked by the launch of a new cycle of the program “Exporters for the first time”, which is aimed at non-exporting companies or companies that export products on an intermittent and limited basis. The encouraging results of previous sessions made it possible to support 92 women entrepreneurs, while this one aims to select 50 new women entrepreneurs.


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