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Ryad Mezzour announces the next steps of industrial sovereignty

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, announced that the objective of replacing 50 billion dirhams of imports with Moroccan products has been largely achieved and even exceeded. He also revealed more details regarding upcoming projects.

“Today, we have projects that have been able to replace more than 65 billion dirhams of imports with local products,” said the minister, noting that the initial objective was to replace around 50 billion dirhams of imports by Moroccan products.

Mr. Mezzour revealed new details on the program which should strengthen Morocco’s sovereignty in the industry, in particular by creating an even more competitive, higher quality Made in Morocco label.

The minister explained the government is preparing a new decree to give priority to local products in the public procurement system, during the session of oral questions in the House of Representatives.

And to reveal that the next step will be to strengthen human resources in the industry and innovation sectors and help with the industrial sovereignty project.

“Today we have an agreement with universities to train 100,000 engineers to work in industry and innovation, and we also have 7,000 engineers working in the automotive industry. Currently, another 2,000 engineers are being trained to work in automotive design,” the minister said.

The government had prepared an industrial recovery plan 2021-2023, one of the objectives of which is to increase job creation, increase added value and revive and support the Moroccan industrial sector affected by the coronavirus pandemic. coronavirus.

The executive has also taken a number of measures to protect the local product from foreign competition, including increasing customs duties from 25% to 40% on imports of finished products.




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