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Ryad Mezzour and FEDIC discuss the challenges of the leather sector

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, held a working meeting on Friday with the Moroccan Federation of Leather Industries (FEDIC) on the challenges of the sector and the prospects for its development.

On this occasion, Mezzour recalled the importance of the sector in national industry and the influence of local manufacturing, but also in the emergence of certain regions which make it one of their main activities.

“The sector is endowed with performing branches, including those of footwear, leather goods and leather clothing which have made the reputation of ‘Made in Morocco’ at the international level”, underlined the minister, adding that the sector has achieved an export turnover of MAD 4 billion and employed 17,020 people in 2019 and made it possible to create, as part of the Industrial Acceleration Plan, 7,200 stable jobs between 2014 and 2020.

Today, the sector is part of a new dynamic based on strengthening its achievements and developing its competitiveness. As part of the Industrial Recovery Plan (2021-2023), 26 investment projects in all the leather sectors were supported with an estimated investment amount of nearly 525 million DHS and which should allow the creation of more than 8,200 stable jobs.

“The strength of a sector,” argued Mezzour, “is measured by its ability to adapt to changes taking place on a global scale. It is a basic principle which requires the sector to acquire a strong upstream. Investing in the structuring of this segment is essential for its development and sustainability ”.

According to him, “one of the major challenges is to boost Moroccan leather brands in terms of quality above all, to meet the demands of Moroccan consumers whatever the product”. In this sense, he recalled that this objective is part of the priorities of the New Development and Government Model.

The Minister also highlighted the important role that the two new industrial zones dedicated to leather industry trades will have to play, launched by the Ministry “CASA CITY SHOES” and “AIN CHEGGAG” which will soon see the light of day.

Strengthening skills is also a priority, since human capital is the engine of the sector’s development, it is essential to develop a training offer that meets the current and future needs of the sector to support its development with a mode of governance. public-private.

In conclusion, the Minister estimated that “the evolution of the sector is underway but it is necessary to roll up the sleeves to upgrade the companies of the leather sector with the standards of sustainable development and decarbonization. It is not a choice, but a necessity, and we are here to support you ”.




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