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Ruby, il Cavaliere and the shadow of Imane Fadil before Justice

“Berlusconi used to sweeten his evenings by systematically welcoming groups of odalisques (ladies of the harem), paid sex slaves into his home,” said Milan prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano in her indictment to the corruption trial of former President of the Italian Council Silvio Berlusconi in Milan. The prosecutor also accused the former Prime Minister on Wednesday of having hosted “sex slaves” in his residence.

Berlusconi was a man who had the world at his feet, who made friends like those of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who now brings the world to its knees“said the prosecutor. Today, Berlusconi, 85, is a “sick old man” in search of a lost youth and who fears death, added the prosecutor against the former Head of the Council of Italy. The leader of the co-governmental party Forza Italia must respond with 28 other people from his parties dating back more than ten years “bunga bunga” with young women, including around twenty former guests of the Arcore parties and Karima El Mahroug in person who would have been “salaried”, considering payments and gifts to bring the version of “elegant dinners” into the trials on the Ruby case.

The lawsuit is also called “Ruby Ter” (Ruby three) in Italy, because it is the third lawsuit following the scandal of 2010 (Rubygate). The appellation is found in the designation of a key person, a lady-in-waiting nicknamed Ruby Rubacuori (Heartbreaker Ruby) from the name of Moroccan Karima Mahroug “a runaway Moroccan teenager and exotic dancer” with whom the triple ex- Italian head of government and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi allegedly had sex during orgies at his villa outside Milan when she was underage. A number of young women who attended the parties (bunga bunga) which Berlusconi described as elegant and innocent affairs, are tried in the Ruby ter case, accused in this of having accepted alleged bribes against obligation to keep silent about the true nature of these evenings.

Berlusconi was acquitted at the first trial in 2015 because judges ruled he could not have known Ruby was only 17 when he paid her to have sex with her. These facts wherethe former President of the Italian Council in office used to systematically spice up his evenings by welcoming into his home groups of odalisques, paid sex slaves”, according to prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano, are not, however, prescribed, even if they now belong to history. She accused Berlusconi of ‘ remunerate witnessesand assured that ” the young women entertained him and spent part of the night with him”facts that corroborate “ the activity of a consolidated system of prostitution”.

The “Ruby Ter” trial, which tries to clarify whether the tycoon bribed witnesses in other trials to lie about what happened at his parties, is being conducted by the court in Milan (north). In her indictment, Tiziana Siciliano arguing “Olgetta Girls” (from their Milan building financed by Berlusconi) indicates that they were paid by the center-right leader Forza Italia. The prosecutor also said that a witness who died of a rare disease in 2019, Moroccan-Italian model Imane Fadil, “ was afraid, a fear that accompanied her until her death on the 1er March 2019, a fear of a truly dangerous and powerful environment” . The model of Moroccan origin had testified within the framework of the Rubygate of the “bunga bunga” evenings organized by the former president of the Italian Council. Probably poisoned, she was about to release a book on the case. In 2012, the young woman had mentioned libertine evenings in which she had participated with other young women in Berlusconi’s villa in Arcore, near Milan. But she had been hospitalized on January 29 before dying on January march in terrible suffering, according to the Corriere della Sera.

The crimes charged in various ways are bribery in judicial acts and perjury. ” I believe the key word on everyone’s mind today is the word finally,”added Siciliano. “There is a positive element in the word finally, a long-awaited expectation”. The prosecutor asked the judges to ‘revoke the order made or, in the alternative, a modification of the order concerning the situation of the “olgettines”.




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