Royal Speech conveys forward-looking vision, says party leader

Royal Speech conveys forward-looking vision, says party leader

The Speech delivered by King Mohammed VI to the Nation on the occasion of the Throne Day is a reference and orientation speech, conveying a forward-looking vision, said Mohamed Ouzzine, Secretary General of the Popular Movement (MP).

“The Throne Speech reaffirms the role of the Monarchy as a constitutional, spiritual and unifying institution, and as the guarantor of the continuity of Morocco, a nation-state rich in all its civilizational potential and human skills, to be a force of influence in its immediate and global environment,” Ouzzine told MAP.

It is an enlightened discourse that insists on respect for founding values such as seriousness, dedication and the spirit of performance, the same seriousness that has enabled Morocco to rack up achievements and gains both in terms of development and on the diplomatic front, in defense of its legitimate right concerning its territorial integrity, he explained.

Ouzzine noted that the royal speech also highlighted the importance of promoting social conditions, notably health, education and employment, in order to preserve the dignity of Moroccans, in line with the principles of social and territorial justice.

He added that the royal speech also emphasized family cohesion and social solidarity, as well as openness without abandoning the value system of a Morocco that the King wants to be authentic and attached to its national and religious identity.

The MP Secretary General also noted that the King had reiterated Morocco’s commitment to good-neighborly relations with Algeria, “a further reaffirmation of the Kingdom’s determination to overcome sources of tension and discord with sister countries, and its aspiration to build a Maghreb area that would serve the real interests of the region’s peoples.”


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