Royal Air Maroc regains momentum with 5 million passengers

Royal Air Maroc regains momentum with 5 million passengers

Despite a myriad of difficulties faced by the airline sector, Royal Air Maroc (RAM) was able to revive its dynamism and regain much of its business after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic and international uncertainties, according to a recent report.

The report on public establishments and companies in the context of the 2024 Finance Bill revealed that the year 2022 “has not been very favorable for the airline sector due to the repercussions of the health crisis, international tensions and their consequences on air traffic and generalized inflation, particularly with regard to oil prices, in addition to continued pressure on the financial sector.”

However, despite an international context marked by uncertainty, “Royal Air Maroc has succeeded up to the end of October 2022 in recovering 68% of its business volume recorded during 2019, thanks to the easing of travel conditions, the programming of an adapted flight offer, the launch of new products and services, as well as communication campaigns that target customers”, according to the report prepared by the Ministry of the Economy as part of the 2024 Finance Bill.

The document explains that over the past year, RAM was able to carry more than 5 million passengers, recording growth of 46% on the previous year, but down 32% on the 2018-2019 season.

During 2022, the airline achieved sales of MAD 12,555 million, up 96% on 2021. Earnings from operations amounted to minus MAD 1,686 million, up 22% on 2021 (minus MAD 2,166.5 million).

Concerning the consolidated accounts, the report on public companies and establishments revealed that the RAM group, over the course of 2022, recorded sales of MAD 12,899 million, an improvement of 103% on 2021. Earnings from operations also stabilized at MAD -858 million, up 64% on 2021 (MAD -2,381 million).

Following a recovery in traffic, the airline succeeded in carrying almost 3.2 million passengers at the end of April, thereby recovering 92% of its pre-Covid business and exceeding 2022 by 101%, the same source reiterates.

The Moroccan airline group’s recorded sales increased up to the end of April 2023 to reach MAD 8,325 million, a rate of 129% compared with achievements for the same period in 2022. Operating income also improved, recording around MAD 1,219 million compared with the previous year’s estimated negative result of MAD -396 million.

The report appended to the 2024 Finance Bill confirms that Royal Air Maroc, as part of its drive to position itself as a major player on the African aviation scene and as a global connector present on four continents, has indicated that a State-Ram program contract was signed in July 2023, aimed at supporting the company’s transformation plan by expanding its fleet and modernizing its management.

In conclusion, the report underlines the partnerships between the airline and other players to make Morocco a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. “This development plan also prioritizes the objectives of maximizing the impact of RAM’s economic and social action, particularly in the tourism sector, which was the subject of a historic partnership concluded in June 2022 between RAM and the ONMT with the aim of implementing a common policy in terms of air links and Marketing the destination: Morocco”, reads the document.


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