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RMEs in China call for restrictions to be lifted

We remember at the very beginning of the year, Morocco had decided to prohibit access to its territory to all travelers from China, regardless of their nationality. A quarter has passed since then and a lot of water, when there is any, has flowed under the bridges. However, many scientific personalities believe that these restrictions are no longer necessary.

The summer holidays are approaching and the holidays of the Moroccans of the world in their country are, so to speak, for tomorrow. Most of our compatriots residing under other skies than that of the Middle Empire, have no need to worry about this. However, ambiguity remains for Moroccans in China. They do not know where to turn, and see their plans to return to the fold fall through as long as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad has not yet canceled this decision. prohibition.

In short, it’s total confusion and a Moroccan citizen residing in China told MoroccoLatestNews his feelings about it, “Moroccans here want to book tickets from now on, to be able to visit their relatives in Morocco. Especially since there are those who have not visited the country for four years, because of the Covid-19. They have serious concerns about the lack of clarity regarding restrictions and the treatment of expatriates.

Traveling for Moroccans in China is an adventure. And to continue, “We do not know how we will be treated if we book tickets and travel to Morocco. Will we be allowed to enter the national territory or will the authorities send us back where we came from? Logic dictates that we are treated like other nationalities whose direct entry from China is prohibited”.

Also the question that torments the minds of members of the community of Moroccans living in China: is it not time to lift the restrictions? In any case, this is what we see in social media groups, who consider that the decision “no longer makes sense”, because China, like the rest of the world, turned a few weeks ago. the Covid-19 pandemic page.

Those concerned believe that the maintenance of the decision does not coincide with the quality of the distinguished relations between Morocco and China, in various fields, which have been strengthened by the signing of agreements aimed at simplifying the procedures for financial transactions, such as payment via “WeChat” among others.

Dr. Tayeb Hamdi, a medical specialist and researcher in health policies and systems, told in early March that it was time to lift the ban on access to travelers from China. “Two months after the ban on access to Morocco for all travelers from China, it would now be possible and interesting to lift this measure. Medically possible, interesting, and another signal of Moroccan mastery and distinction”he had underlined in the analysis that he had scientifically substantiated.



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