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Rita Chraibi, the Moroccan woman who takes the real estate world by storm in the United States

Rich in her diverse creations, Rita Chraibi has made a name for herself in the global real estate market, in the world of interior architecture.

Successful, Rita Chraibi’s projects bring a great cultural richness, an innovative vision of design and an unparalleled sense of style, making her firm, “International Designers LLC”, a true reference in the world of interior architecture.

Now, across the world, many private residences, luxury homes, hotels and restaurants radiate his signature. She skillfully merges the codes of interior design and Haute Couture, and the big names with whom she collaborates.

For the record, this tremendous passion that she has for architecture and interior design is not trivial. It even goes back to his childhood. Indeed, Rita follows in the footsteps of her paternal grandmother, Aziza Chraïbi, who was one of the Moroccan pioneers in the property development of the 1950s in North Africa and Europe. P

o pay homage to her, and convinced to have inherited this creative fiber, she obtained her diploma from the Camondo School of Architecture and Design in Paris, before embarking on the real estate adventure by creating her own agency “International Designers ”in 2001.

Between her passion for decoration and her flair as a businesswoman, the world of creation was quickly perceived as a vocation. Very influenced by the French art of living, Rita multiplies the design of luxury residential and hotel projects around the world, quickly acquiring a reputation as a leader in the field. Its elegant touch and minimalist style quickly made a splash with discerning customers. His signature is now recognized in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and North Africa.

“My signature style uniquely fuses concepts and elements of interior design and fashion to humanize the space. I think that there is nothing more beautiful than to visualize an interior space like a top model who must be dressed, ready to parade on a podium ”, underlines the Moroccan designer. To do this, Rita surrounds herself with a team of experts and the best craftsmen to bring a variety of perspectives and ideas on

A showcase of its excellence, his firm “International Designers” is also regularly cited in the American and European press: The Wall Street Journal, Elle Decor, KBB, Mansion Global or even the prestigious Forbes magazine have already widely praised its expertise in this field. interior design.

Prestigious collaborations

It was first in Morocco, in Casablanca, that Rita Chraïbi launched her first projects. With exclusive models and unique stylistic creations with an avant-garde vision, it very quickly distinguished itself in the sector.

It designs and creates its signature lines of furniture and decorative materials in its Moroccan factories, where the furniture is made to measure. To satisfy its demanding customers, it imports high-end items in partnership with luxury brands.

Driven by a desire to surprise and offer the unexpected, she selects exclusive pieces from beautiful collaborations with Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Kenzo Takada, Missoni Home, Lelievre Paris or even Roche Bobois. So that quickly, she was asked in Europe to bring her know-how, before setting out to conquer the United States.

Rita thus continued her collaborations with key players in the real estate industry, such as the very famous French architect Jean Nouvel. A turning point in his career? His fruitful meeting with the world famous architect “Kobi Karp”. American leader in architectural design for more than 20 years, he has acquired an international reputation for his work and his numerous resort projects.

A true icon of architecture in Miami, he has dramatically restored the Art Deco District of Miami Beach, one of the most desirable corners of the country.

Luxurious and sophisticated projects

By taking the time to reflect, Rita thus dwells on the texture, color, atmosphere, context and history of each creation. “My work is a fusion between past, present and future,” she explains. The memory of the past is reflected in the artisanal touch, the poetic spirit and the familiar feeling of a living room. While the future comes to be expressed through technology and contemporary innovation. Thanks to its know-how, “International Designers” will thus give birth to very sophisticated designs in any house or residential villa. In her image, elegant and refined, Rita will personalize each piece to meet the expectations of her customers. Visionary, thanks to his inventive spirit

From then on, with her singular vision in the world of design, Rita was quick to stand out in the hotel industry. Because its strength lies precisely in the transformation of interiors with meticulous execution, many hotels and restaurants have called on its services.

Thus, The Oberoi Marrakech, Santo Pietri Hotel or the Moorish Palace have benefited from his unique expertise. As a bonus, beyond creativity, if his work is so popular, it is also a lot thanks to his ecological commitment. Determined to preserve the environment, Rita makes a point of using various recyclable materials, thus adopting innovative strategies to meet the current needs of ecological design.

“In recent years, technology has taken center stage in many ways, and we have forgotten about nature. However, we must understand that the land must be respected… ”, underlines Chraïbi.



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