Rising prices: The distribution sector sounds the alarm and denounces its exclusion from aid

Alerted by the rise in fuel prices which have a heavy impact on the distribution sector, the Tijara Office held a remote meeting on Wednesday devoted to examining the impact of this serious increase on the operational cost of distributors.

While sounding the alarm bell, Tijara recalls that the players in the sector are real generators of value and job creators, and in fact, express their astonishment at having been excluded from government aid.

The distribution sector is a very specific sector dealing, of course, with large volumes, but against very reduced margins of only between 1 and 2%, argues Tijara.

And to emphasize that the rise in fuel prices is becoming a real obstacle that penalizes distribution players. The impact of the increase per liter from 8.6 dirhams on average in 2021 to 14 dirhams in 2022 generates an increase in direct cost of 1.5 to 3% depending on the size of the distributors.

The federation, which claims to understand the current national situation, the context of international crisis, claims to maintain its position as a citizen and responsible structure, but nevertheless challenges the government by asking to be heard by the minister responsible for supervision and transport.

In this sense, it proposes the holding, as a matter of urgency, of a crisis meeting in order to save the sector.

It should be noted that the National Federation of Trades in the Distribution of Consumer Products (FMDPGC)-TIJARA, brings together the main players and distributors of consumer products in several activities such as agrifood, hygiene products, maintenance, telecommunications, milling, etc., with the aim of being a common interlocutor with the public authorities.



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