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Rising fuel prices and grumbling go hand in hand

The price of a barrel of oil continues to rise. This beginning of the week, it was above 92 dollars. Similarly, the barrel of Brent (reference in Europe) was trading above 92 dollars. Last summer, it was still worth around $71, before rising to around $80 in November.

The ascent is not about to stop and the barrel will easily exceed 100 dollars before long. Rising prices that bring us back to the good memories of 2008 and 2012 with comparatively high gasoline and diesel prices. Worse, the prices at the pump in Morocco will have to remain oriented upwards, without any shuddering downwards, with regard to the price of oil internationally.

Also the Moroccan motorist should expect the next display of the fortnight to come, another increase in prices at the pump. The last increase dating back to the beginning of this month indicated a price of diesel at more than eleven dirhams and gasoline at more than 12.6 dirhams. It is therefore not excluded that the liter of fuel will soon reach other heights and not temporarily. Since the beginning of the new year, the Moroccan motorist has undergone rise after rise without flinching.

However, it is certain that the increase in oil prices will affect household income and spending and could accelerate inflation, according to specialists. So we can expect a movement of general discontent. Already last month during the last increase, taxis, big and small, had started the sling. You have to believe that this could cause oil stains.

The price at the pump depends on several factors such as the cost of refining, the logistics of petroleum products but also taxes. The popular anger relayed more and more by the social networks blames especially the latter.

If the carriers are crying out for compensation to balance their outings, this is not the case for individuals who are calling for price regulation. In the meantime, spin the wool spin the day…the barrel is not ready to defuse its flight. Bad days ahead!




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