Report: Private equity supported 140 companies in 2021

The Moroccan Association of Capital Investors (AMIC) and Fidaroc Grant Thornton, presented the 3rd “Impact Report of Private Equity in Morocco – Fiscal Year 2021”. It shows that Moroccan private equity supported 140 companies at the end of December 2021.

In a press release on this report, which was produced under the leadership of the Association’s Studies & Statistics Commission, it is emphasized that among the companies supported, 52% are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and 48% are start-ups. -up.

The data available for Moroccan companies invested since 2000, from which listed companies are excluded, make it possible to measure the impact of Moroccan private equity on the evolution of their turnover, their workforce, their social and environmental responsibility. , their governance as well as their tax contributions, the same source said.

Quoted in the press release, the President of AMIC, Tarik Haddi, underlined that in 2021, although the effects of Covid-19 are still very present on the whole economic fabric, the companies invested by Private Equity have demonstrates agility and resilience.

And to add: “They showed an improvement in their financial structure, by strengthening their equity and improving their debt capacity, and therefore investment, in the long term. In addition, they have improved their organizational, managerial and governance capacities, and strengthened their social and environmental responsibility as well as their ability to innovate and adapt their business model”.

Haddi also noted that Moroccan investment capital has expanded to the seed and venture capital stages thanks to the Innov Invest initiative, since 60% of companies invested in 2021 were through innovation capital.

Thus, Moroccan start-ups have been able to participate in economic growth and job creation across the country, he said.

AMIC brings together the majority of Capital Investment structures (Venture Capital, Growth Capital, Capital Transmission / LBO, Turnaround Capital) established in Morocco. Professional shareholders, the 28 active members of the association support and finance the growth of more than 240 Moroccan companies.

The Association also has 23 associate members representing businesses who support and advise investors and entrepreneurs in setting up and managing their partnerships.

In addition to its missions of ethics, control and development of market practices, AMIC federates, represents and ensures the promotion of the Private Equity profession with local and international institutional investors, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and authorities.

It thus contributes to the improvement of the financing of the economy, in particular for SMEs, to the stimulation of growth and employment, as well as to the promotion of innovation and the spirit of company.



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