Report highlights potential benefits of Israel’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Sahara

Report highlights potential benefits of Israel’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Sahara

In a new report, published by The Institute of National Security, Morr Link and Pnina Sharvit Baruch highlighted the potential benefits of Israel’s recent recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Moroccan Sahara. 

One of the primary advantages of Israel’s recognition is the potential boost to diplomatic relations between the two countries. With the acknowledgment of Moroccan sovereignty, the groundwork is laid for the opening of permanent embassies in both nations.

This step would signify a crucial milestone in their diplomatic engagement, fostering closer communication and cooperation on regional and international issues.

The report underscores the likelihood of increased high-level political meetings and visits, including possible meetings with King Mohammed VI. Such interactions would provide opportunities to discuss shared interests and challenges, as well as enhance mutual understanding and cooperation on matters of strategic importance.

Economically, both Israel and Morocco stand to gain from the recognition. Negotiations for an investment protection treaty, which have been underway for approximately two years, could see significant progress following this development. 

The treaty would provide legal safeguards for Israeli investors in Morocco and enable access to international arbitration in the event of investment disputes. A potential free trade agreement between the two countries has been considered, which could facilitate the flow of goods and services and foster economic growth.

The report also emphasizes the potential impact on multilateral relations. With Morocco’s support for Israel in international forums, Israel’s standing on the global stage could be bolstered. 

The recognition of Moroccan sovereignty also has broader implications for regional dynamics. While it may attract international criticism due to its contradiction with UN and EU resolutions, it could also serve as a precedent for implementing the right to self-determination for national minorities within a non-independent state framework. 

The report highlights that Israel’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty in Sahara offers numerous potential benefits for both nations. From enhanced diplomatic relations and increased political engagement to expanded economic ties and improved multilateral cooperation. This development has the potential to reshape the strategic landscape in the region. 


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