Renowned dentist in Rabat sues influencer

Renowned dentist in Rabat sues influencer

Scandals involving influencers never cease to amaze us. MoroccoLatestNews has learned from an informed source that a renowned dentist in Rabat has taken legal action against a ” influencer » Moroccan for defamation and spreading false allegations against her on social networks, after the latter refused to pay the treatment costs in her office.

According to the source of MoroccoLatestNewsthe Rabat Court of First Instance recognized the guilt of the said “ influencer for the charges with which he was charged, namely the dissemination and sharing of false defamatory allegations through computer systems. She was sentenced to a three-month suspended prison sentence, a fine of 2,000 dirhams and to pay compensation of 40,000 dirhams for the civil damages claimed.

Before launching his campaign of defamation“, a friendly relationship existed between the dentist and the influencer in question, who is also a makeup artist and regularly visited her office in Rabat.

The influencer had consulted the dentist to replace the dental veneers she had placed five years ago and with which she was satisfied with the result, but she wanted to modify the shade this time so that it was more natural and in line with the current trend, explains our source.

The dentist then explained to her that she had gum inflammation and that a protocol had to be followed before any cosmetic procedure. Thus, she removed the old veneers and placed temporary ones while waiting for the gums to heal. However, the influencer refused to pay for the services rendered, our source points out.

Some time later, the dentist was surprised to see the influencer in question broadcasting ” false statements against him on his Instagram account. She attributed several accusations to him in an attempt to defame her and damage her reputation, adds our source. This prompted her to go to court for redress, especially since she enjoys great popularity and a good reputation in the Kingdom’s capital.


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