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Renewable energies: A Dutch company plans to invest in Morocco

The Dutch company Lekela Power, specialized in the production of renewable energies and focused on Africa, recently announced its intention to enter the Moroccan clean energy market, which it considers to be a growing sector. and who has potential. An ambition that is part of its expansion strategy in Africa.

Lekela Power has, in this sense, indicated that the choice of the Moroccan market is “largely attributed to the significant opportunities present in Morocco’s renewable energy landscape, with the country offering abundant solar and wind resources that lay the foundation for robust growth in the electricity and green hydrogen sectors”.

According to Chris Antonopoulos, CEO of the Dutch company, “the Moroccan government’s green energy program and the country’s renewable resource potential provide the company with the opportunity to achieve its goal of tripling the size of its operations over the next three to four years, while contributing to the the country’s broader development agenda, which relies heavily on the expansion of renewable energy”.

Lekela Power is known for its achievements of large-scale projects in Africa. Its objective, which is also aligned with that of the national energy strategy, is to provide sustainable, reliable and competitively priced energy by moving wind and solar projects from a medium or late stage of development to operation at long term.

This means that its arrival on the Moroccan market will thus allow the acceleration of the realization of energy projects and the achievement of the fixed objective of 52% of electricity based on clean energies. She should in particular further stimulate investment in renewable energies in order to promote the energy transition and ensure the security and supply of all citizens.

It should be noted that as part of the government’s plan to ensure that renewable energies represent 50% and 80% of the energy mix by 2030 and 2050, respectively, the country has already attracted investments from companies and financiers. renewable energy companies, including ACWA Power (Saudi Arabia), Adani Group (India), Hassan Allam Holding (Egypt) and the European Investment Bank.



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