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Renault is studying the creation of two specialized centers

After launching strategic thinking to enhance the efficiency and operational performance, the Renault group has indicated its plan to create two poles to separate its electrical and thermal activities activities. In a press release, Renault Group has to say more about the project.

As part of its “Renaulution” plan, the Renault group announced, in February 2022, strategic discussions aimed at adapting each technology. The diamond has therefore decided to put the package on its transition to electric by studying the creation of an entity that encompasses the elements of the entire value chain of the electric car for passenger vehicles in Europe by 2030. The “Electric Vehicles and Software” entity would be based in France and could bring together more than 10,000 employees from 2023.

The second entity would bring together activities related to engines and gearboxes for combustion engines and hybrids. This entity would be based outside France with approximately 10,000 employees, by 2023 and it includes the “Powertrain” factories which would be intended to develop industrial and technological partners.

The creation of these two poles aims to increase efficiency and operational performance and their separation aims to promote them and attract new partners.

Renault group present at a Capital Market Day in autumn 2022, the progress of these studies.




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