Rejection of 30% of requests from Moroccans in 2022

Rejection of 30% of requests from Moroccans in 2022

Morocco is among the countries with the highest rejection rates for Schengen visa applications in 2022. Indeed, 30% of applications were refused, mainly by France and Spain.

Data recently published by the Schengen Visa Statistics portal on the number of EU short-term visa applications reveals that the majority of Moroccans’ applications for Schengen visas have been refused by two countries: France and Spain.

In 2022, Morocco was the fourth largest market for Schengen visa applicants, with a total of 423,201 applications lodged with EU consulates in the country, reports

While the overall rejection rate for visa applications in 2022 was 17.9%, Morocco alone recorded a rejection rate of 29.7%, placing it among the countries in the world where the rate of rejection of Schengen visa applications is the highest“, specifies the same source.

The portal reports that even Russia, whose travelers have been barred from obtaining Schengen visas in 2022 by many member states and some of which have even barred entry to Russian tourists, has a much lower rejection rate than that of Morocco, namely 10.2%.

In addition, of the 161,045 requests received, France rejected almost a third, ie a total of 51,498 requests. Spain, for its part, rejected a quarter of the accepted applications, i.e. 50,033 out of 201,584.

This means that the two countries are responsible for 85% of the total rejected Schengen visa applications in Morocco, causing hundreds of Moroccans to lose hundreds of euros in the application process, while still being rejected.“, indicates the same source.


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