Regragui determined on a win against Liberia

Regragui determined on a win against Liberia

In a press conference preceding Morocco’s game with Liberia, which will take place today in Agadir, national coach Walid Regragui said that the Atlas Lions should win as they are “home”.

The coach unveiled last night that he will determine what players will make it to the squad and in what position, keeping in mind that this is a game to win.

“There is no such thing as an easy game,” said Regragui explaining that smaller teams shouldn’t be underestimated and that games generally, are hard.

The team should keep humility in mind, stated the coach, explaining that having big players who played at the World Cup, might get injured shouldn’t mean that the team won’t find solutions to address their absence.

“We are required to present a different face and new spirit on our turf and in front of our fans. We will seek victory and apply what we do in training. The match points are important to us, even though we have already qualified,” said Regragui.

The coach further stated that he is not hiding behind players, despite the games feeling different in the presence of big names.

Addressing the latest tie with Cote d’Ivoire, the coach admitted that it was the team’s fault in the first six minutes of the game. However, he believes that the team should be taking more risks to avoid mistakes in future games.

“We are not happy and we have to work some more, but people should believe in the players unless their Niya is gone,” he added.

Regragui defended the players and emphasized that he believes in the collective despite the severe backlash following the last game.

Today’s game will begin at 8 p.m. at the Adrar stadium.


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