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Reduction of the budget deficit by 11 billion dirhams at the end of June 2022

The execution of the Finance Law at the end of June 2022 shows a reduction in the budget deficit of 37.8% or 11.1 billion dirhams (MMDH) to stand at 18.3 billion dirhams, according to the Department of Studies and financial forecasts (DEPF).

The evolution of the budget deficit takes into account the increase in the surplus of the special accounts of the Treasury from 91.6% to 20.9 billion dirhams, specifies the DEPF in its July economic note.

This surplus includes in resources an amount of 6.3 billion dirhams corresponding to the product of the social solidarity contribution on profits and income, allocated to the support fund for social protection and social cohesion, against 3.5 MMDH at the end of June 2021.

Considering the aforementioned elements and the drop in pending operations of 3.8 billion dirhams, the Treasury’s financing requirement stood at 22.1 billion dirhams, down 53.6%.

This need was covered mainly by recourse to domestic financing for a net flow of 21.9 billion dirhams, while that of external financing stood at 133 million dirhams (MDH).




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