Record turnover in 2021

The Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests said on Friday that shipments of seafood products totaled, at the end of 2021, 778 thousand tonnes for a figure turnover of 24.2 billion dirhams (+15%), thus achieving a new record in terms of value.

A press release from the department of Mohamed Sadiki indicates that this increase in value is explained by the improvement in the turnover of frozen cephalopods by 53% (40% of the total turnover of exports in 2021), including frozen octopus (+ 66%) following the increase in the volume shipped by 9% and its average price by 51% and frozen squid (+50%) due to the increase in the volume shipped of this product by 15% and its average price at the 31% export.

In terms of volume, exports of seafood products fell slightly by 4%, mainly due to the decrease in fishmeal (-25%), canned sardines (-18%) and sardines frozen (-14%), which represent 53% of the total volume of exports in 2021.

These performances are the fruit of flagship projects carried out within the framework of the Halieutis strategy relating to the sustainability of the resource, the performance of the sector as well as the competitiveness of seafood products, underlines the ministry, which notes that this assessment was achieved in an unstable context still marked by the Covid-19 health crisis. The maritime fishing sector has thus demonstrated resilience and agility thanks to the continuous coordination and mobilization of all stakeholders.



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