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realme announces the launch of realme 9 Pro+ 5G

realme, the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world, continues to produce high-performance 5G smartphones. Today, realme has just launched an exceptional product: it is the realme 9 Pro+ 5G.

The realme 9 Pro+ is one of the first smartphones in the world to be equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G processor. realme, a brand committed to providing young people around the world with cutting-edge technology and high-end design products, has started producing cutting-edge 5G smartphones since 2020. For example, the realme 9 Pro+ with the incredible MediaTek Dimentsity 920 5G processor.

A smartphone equipped with a high-end camera

realme is launching a real revolution in mobile imaging, with a brand new imaging technology that is several generations ahead of that of other smartphones in the same category. This exceptional technology is called “ProLight”.

In order to design such technology, realme engineers started to identify some common factors that could affect the noise level and clarity of photos. First of all, we find the small size of the camera sensor, but also the lack of optimal lighting conditions and the presence of movements during capture.

Enabling successful photos in any situation, ProLight Imaging technology intelligently optimizes the rendering of the large image sensor, through advanced digital noise reduction algorithms and a dual stabilization system.

Sony IMX766 sensor

The Sony IMX766 is a camera sensor that only equips high-end smartphones. This incredible 1/1.56 inch sensor is characterized by being able to absorb up to 45% more light than an ordinary sensor.

OIS+EIS, dual stabilization system

A sensor usually needs more time to absorb as much light as possible in low light. Thanks to ProLight imaging technology, the smartphone’s main camera has an optical image stabilization system for photos and an electronic image stabilization system for videos. Taking maximum advantage of the optical image stabilization system, the camera is able to compensate for any unwanted movement, in addition to offering optimal and extraordinary clarity to each of the images captured.

AI 3.0 noise reduction engine

On a smartphone, you are mostly limited by the physical size of the camera sensor. To overcome this, realme uses computational photography to enhance the sensor’s capabilities and improve the noise level of each image. realme’s ProLight imaging technology is further integrated with the powerful AI 3.0 noise reduction engine.

Each time you press the shutter button, the 9 Pro+ captures several photos in burst mode. The AI ​​noise reduction engine uses an image averaging algorithm to list the differences and remove as much digital noise as possible. But because digital noise comes in many shapes and sizes, the noise reduction engine uses intelligent learning to identify shapes and color subtleties, resulting in super clear low-light photos. with minimal digital noise.

From now on, you will have the possibility of immortalizing each of your important moments in the most complete and successful way possible, and this regardless of the lighting conditions. The 9 Pro+ features the best camera in realme 9 series history, allowing it to reach new levels of imaging performance even when light is lacking.

The realme 9 Pro standard edition is equipped with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 695 5G processor, up to 13GB DRAM and liquid cooling, as well as a powerful triple camera of 64 Mpx with the exclusive Street Mode 2.0, among others.

The realme 9 pro+ 8/256 is priced at 4499 Dhs with a one-year warranty on the screen. For its part, the realme 9pro 8/128 is sold at a price of 3199 Dhs with Q2 buds offered and one year warranty on the screen.

For more information go to the realme Instagram page @realmeMaroc





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