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Ramadanesque production: Internet users denounce mediocrity and hope for an improvement

Like every Ramadan, television audience calculations are going well. Moroccan channels offered a bunch of series, sitcoms and films, some of which appealed to the public, others less.

According to the audience figures communicated by the CIAUMED Interprofessional Media Audience Center, the Moroccan series ” Bnat Laassass “Of the Al Aoula channel achieved an audience of 7,263.00 (45.1%) on Monday, April 19, or even the hidden camera” Mchiti Fiha 6 »Of 2M which passes at the hour of the Ftour, which it achieved an audience of 10,913,000 (65.8%), the same day.

These two programs are the most watched by Moroccans during this holy month. And yet it is the most criticized on social networks. For the hidden camera of 2M, the Moroccan public has always criticized the fact that the actors are in cahoots with the production by the fact that they are not at all spontaneous in their different reactions. A review that comes back every year. But the program still remains at the top of the list.

As one internet user wrote in a Facebook post about Ramadan programs: “ It is not because Moroccan television is displayed on our screens that we watch what is broadcast there. It’s just for the atmosphere of Ramadan ”.

Bnat laassass“. A series that was eagerly awaited by Moroccans for the month of Ramadan. It brings together a panoply of well-known actresses and actors, in particular Mouna Fettou…. Except that the series did not live up to expectations according to several posts and comments about it on social networks.

I just want to understand the mentality of Moroccan directors (…) The mother of Boutazoute and Mouna Fettou (actresses in the series) died while giving birth to her daughter Nada who is now 32 years old and who is a doctor in the series . At the same time, the character of Rita (Souad Khouyi), was pregnant with Mehdi who, even after 32 years, is still 23 years old and he is hardly going to graduate. Where is the logic ? (…)“, Wrote an Internet user on the 1895 Facebook page, which brings together lovers of cinema and series in Morocco.

So as not to dwell on these two programs only, the level of production of series and films in Morocco is still very low and does not meet the expectations of the public, today, open to productions from around the world and who have his say.

According to a Moroccan producer, who has already participated in the production of several Ramadan series and who preferred to remain anonymous in his statement to Hespress Fr, “the problem is much deeper than the casting or even the script”.

“First of all, there is the budget which is low compared to what is done abroad, even if according to ordinary citizens that seems enormous. With these budgets, it is often necessary to produce series of 30 episodes for Ramadan. The shooting times are much shorter than on cinema films or foreign series and it is therefore normal that this is felt in the quality ”, he tells us.

As regards the scenarios, “lScripts are often written at the last moment which does not allow the actors to rehearse enough in order to deliver successful performances“, Explains this producer.

In the end, it’s all about the money. Ramadan series are the cash cows of most of the big production companies. If they played the game and did not do this just to fill their pockets, the programs would be much more interesting“, He concludes, crossing his fingers that things will go better for film production in Morocco next year.

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