RAM introduces its new international campaign “Morocco Smiles to You”

RAM introduces its new international campaign “Morocco Smiles to You”

Royal Air Maroc is launching the international campaign “Morocco Smiles to You” with the aim of strengthening close ties with world travelers and supporting its flight system for the summer of 2023, while contributing to the advancement of tourism.

This international campaign “Morocco Smiles to You” aims to promote the Moroccan destinations served by the Company connected to its main markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and America. ” It supports the deployment of a high-intensity air program, preparing for a summer season that promises to be exceptional, by connecting Morocco to more than 90 destinations.the company said in a statement.

The creative concept “Morocco Smiles to You”, is available through a dozen visuals that reveal the natural, cultural and human diversity of Morocco. On each poster, an emblematic site is highlighted, on which is superimposed a face addressing a broad smile to the viewer. The casting choice and styling embody the country’s youth and modernity while celebrating its rich traditions, RAM says.

“All the visuals highlight the reinforcement of the company’s point-to-point lines connecting Moroccan destinations (Agadir, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Al Hoceima, Nador, Tangier, Dakhla, etc.) to international cities”explains the company.

“While giving it the means to regain its market share, this campaign allows Royal Air Maroc to renew close ties with travelers around the world. More than an ephemeral escape, the Company promises unique moments of sharing in Morocco and an unforgettable life experience. »notes the press release.

In order to reach the greatest number of customers, Royal Air Maroc has relied on a powerful 360° campaign, favoring dynamic media, large format displays, video and digital screens, as close as possible to targets, in city centers. , public transport (subways, buses, trams, stations, etc.), malls, etc. It is also massively rolled out through social networks, through content activations and interaction with Internet users.

Initially initiated in several cities in France, the leading market for Destination Morocco, through more than 2,000 billboards, the campaign continues to be deployed in 16 other countries ز Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Germany, Turkey, Tunisia, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Canada, United States. It is also available at various trade fairs, such as recently at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.

This is a strong message that Royal Air Maroc is sending to the world, capitalizing on the positive image reinforced by the performance of the Atlas Lions during the World Cup. With “Morocco Smiles to You”, we display the face of a smiling people, rich in its ancestral values: openness, hospitality, generosity, tolerance… Flag bearer of the Moroccan flag in the field of air transport , Royal Air Maroc is also the guarantor of these values ​​of which all Moroccans are the ambassadors and which have conquered the world. says Hamid Addou, CEO of Royal Air Maroc.


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