Rabbah: Morocco-UK submarine power line received initial approval

“The huge project to build an underwater power line has obtained the permits and initial approval pending the launch of detailed studies,” said the Minister of Expedition for Energy Affairs, Mines and Environment, Aziz Rabbah.

Rabbah told MoroccoLatestNews EN, that “a number of international companies have obtained initial approval to carry out renewable energy projects and green hydrogen production projects, particularly in the southern regions for the ‘export’.

The government official said that British electrician Xlinks’ project is an integrated project to produce electricity from wind and solar energy to be exported to Britain through the territorial waters of Spain, Portugal and France.

This 3,800 km project, which only needed obtaining the permit and the location of the implantation sites, was unveiled on Sunday by Xlinks.

Indeed, in statements to the British press, the CEO of Xlinks, Simon Morrish, clarified that the establishment of solar and wind energy installations in the region of Guelmim Oued Noun will require a global investment of 22 billion dollars. .

8% of UK electricity needs

The installation of an integrated park of 1500 km2 should ultimately provide 3.6 GW of electricity will be coupled, according to the same sources, to an integrated park of 5 GW to store energy in order to be able to export 10.5 GW. into the UK power grid.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Xlinks PGD Simon Morrish said that “This is enough to deliver clean, low-cost energy to more than 7 million UK homes by 2030”.

“When completed, the project will be able to supply 8% of Britain’s electricity needs,” he revealed.

The British energy company plans to build a system of four HVDC (high voltage direct current) submarine cables of 3,800 km each. These cables will constitute the longest electric line in the world.

The cables for the submarine power line are, according to statements by UK officials, being built at two factories in the UK. According to Xlinks forecasts, the first cable should be laid in 2025 for an online launch in 2027, the other three cables should be laid in 2029.



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