Rabat’s International Author Film Festival to celebrate Croatian cinema

Rabat’s International Author Film Festival to celebrate Croatian cinema

In its 28 edition taking place from November 10 to 17, The Rabat International Author Film Festival “FICAR” will celebrate Croatian cinema, by presenting cinematic treasures from the country to a crowd of cinema professionals and students.

The festival announced that the Australian producer, Maxine Williamson, will be heading the jury this year.

With 28 years of experience in the cinema universe, Maxine had a significant impact emphasized through her rich career.

She is currently the Managing Director of the renowned Southern Cross Soloists and the Bangalow Chamber Music Festival. 

In addition to her cinematic expertise, she has participated in various international film festivals and exhibitions and recently premiered her award-winning documentary, “DEATH IN THE CITY”.

Every year, the festival holds master classes, special screenings, and then ceremonial screenings, to highlight Morocco’s growing cinema industry and open Moroccan professionals to another world by bringing international talents to tell their stories of experiences.

Rabat, the capital of lights, home to FICAR and many other cultural celebrities, offers its citizens a rich agenda and a diverse pick.


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