Rabat: The “Galerie Hamidou” project takes shape

The “Galerie Hamidou” project, initiated in tribute to the late Hamidou Benmessaoud, was launched on Wednesday in the former home of the late artist in the heart of the medina of Rabat., in the presence in particular of his widow, Fatima Chemmali, at the origin of this initiative.

For its initiators, the project is considered a memorial challenge encompassing a transformation of this old building over 90 years old and the preservation of the artistic memory of a genius in theatrical, cinematographic and television interpretation, for the benefit of current generations. and future.

The Hamidou project, Fatima Chemmali explains in this sense, includes the transformation of the former home of the artist into a museum gallery, in addition to the development of a book which traces the artistic career of Hamidou, written by the critic Ahmed Sijilmassi.

This ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the launch of the Hamidou project after obtaining all the necessary administrative documents, she said, adding that the next step is to find potential partners for the project.

And to add that the house, which will be transformed into a museum gallery and whose work will be launched in September, will also involve three rooms dedicated to the most important feature films by the late Hamidou, namely the film “Lalla Hobi” by Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi , “The Convoy of Fear” by William Friedkin and “Life, Love, Death”, directed by Claude Lelouch.

While claiming to consider herself one of the greatest admirers of the work of the late Hamidou, his widow noted that this project was born of a deep love for her late husband and is also an opportunity to revive and discover the artist disappeared through his outfits, his scenes, his films and part of his personal life, in particular intimate photographs taken with his mother “mimti lalla Khadija” which will be exhibited.

For his part, Ahmed Sijilmassi who is preparing a book on the life and work of Hamidou, indicated that the book traces the artistic career of the late actor of international renown as well as some testimonies and statements on this extraordinary man and artist, including those by Claude Lelouch.

It should be noted that the launching ceremony of the Hamidou project took place in the presence of a host of Moroccan artists including Younes Megri, Nadia Niazi, Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi, Driss Chouika, in addition to Youssef Britel, adviser to the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication.



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