‘Queens’ and three other Moroccan movies made it to Amman film festival

‘Queens’ and three other Moroccan movies made it to Amman film festival

For its fourth edition, the Amman International Film Festival is featuring four Moroccan movies in different categories among 56 movies to be showcased before international film professionals.

In the Arab Feature-Length Narrative competition, the Moroccan movies “Queens”, directed by Yasmine Benkiran, and “A Summer in Boujad”, directed by Omar Mouldouira made the cut.

“Queens” first premiered at the Venice film festival last year. It tells the story of 3 women chased by the police at the beginning of their long adventure across the Atlas valleys to the Atlantic.

The movie’s main characters are played by Nisrin Erradi, Nisrine Benchara, and Rayhan Guaran.

“A Summer in Boujad,” tells the story of an a13-year-old, Karim, who leaves Paris for Morocco with his father Messaoud seven years after his mother’s death, after that his father remarries and decides to return to his homeland

“Broken Mirrors”, directed by Othmane Saadouni, and “Fragments from Heaven”, directed by Adnane Baraka will be competing in the Arab Feature-Length Documentary competition.

The festival’s opening film will be “A Gaza Weekend”, directed by Palestinian Basil Khalil.

The Franco-Arab Rendez-Vous, a non-competitive segment of the Festival, is held for the third year in a row. It features four short film winners from two Franco-Arab contests that were held concurrently in Jordan and France, as well as seven feature films that are either French or co-produced with France. 

In order to provide the audience and participants with a unique cinematic experience, the selection of films were thoughtfully picked from among hundreds of submissions. These films will be complemented by lively talks with the filmmakers and other Festival guests. 

Areeb Zuaiter, Head of Programming of the AIFF, said: “We continue to celebrate the talent of debut creatives in the filmmaking sector. This year’s selection promises a vibrant window that will transport our audience into enchanting realms of fresh imagination, with a captivating blend of diverse narratives and innovative storytelling.” 


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