Quake aid distribution to start Nov. 1st, announces response commission

Quake aid distribution to start Nov. 1st, announces response commission

The operation to distribute the first instalment of financial aid for rebuilding housing totally or partially collapsed following the Al Haouz earthquake will be launched on November 1, the Head of Government’s department said on Wednesday.

In a press release issued after the 6th meeting of the Interministerial Commission in charge of deploying an emergency program to rehabilitate and help rebuild housing destroyed by the earthquake, chaired by the Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch and devoted to examining the progress made in implementing this program, in application of the High Royal Instructions, the same source emphasized that the commission had examined the mechanisms for allocating financial aid for the reconstruction of totally or partially collapsed housing, the lists of which had been drawn up, in 4 tranches starting on November 1.

As of this date, a first instalment of 20,000 dirhams will be paid towards the reconstruction of these homes, the press release states, noting that beneficiary families are required to submit their applications for reconstruction authorizations as of November 1, to the local authorities to which they belong. These families will benefit from technical assistance, through the provision of model architectural plans respecting the specificities of the region, explains the press release, pointing out that this meeting was also marked by the presentation of the report on the launch of the operation to pay the first instalment of financial aid to affected families, set at 2,500 Dirhams per month over a period of one year, for the benefit of families whose homes have been totally or partially collapsed.

The provincial commissions concerned are also examining appeals lodged by families affected by the earthquake who have not benefited from the first instalment of aid, according to the same source.

The interministerial committee also examined the status of emergency measures relating to accommodation, including tents and equipment, the press release adds, pointing out that local authorities are making new tents available to families in need.

With regard to the agricultural sector, the operation to distribute barley to farmers in the affected areas will be launched on October 25, according to the press release, which adds that an agreement will also be signed with the National Sheep and Goat Association (ANOC) with a view to replenishing the national herd, in addition to the launch of work to rehabilitate hydro-agricultural equipment in small and medium irrigation schemes.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to review the progress of urban planning and technical studies launched for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of schools, local health centers, mosques, zaouias and mausoleums, as well as for the reinforcement of the shoring of historical monuments, the same source indicated, adding that the progress of the road clearing operation and the state of reopened roads and rural roads was also examined.

During the meeting, the Head of Government praised the work of the government departments concerned, which are ensuring the smooth running of the reconstruction operation in the affected provinces, underlining the Kingdom’s resilience in the face of this ordeal and its sound management of the crisis, under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, was hailed internationally at the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, an event which demonstrated the rapid resilience of the city of Marrakech and Morocco as a whole, in the face of various crises.


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