Putin announces trade agreements with four countries, including Morocco

Putin announces trade agreements with four countries, including Morocco

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced  that his government is actively working on preparing trade agreements with four Arab countries, with Morocco being one of the key partners. 

The statement came during a meeting with members of the Russian government and was reported by the Russian news agency, Sputnik.

In his address, Putin said his nation is focused on establishing free trade zones with Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, all located in North Africa. 

He emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities in what he called “development points” on the continent, noting that there are several interesting countries with vast potential for economic cooperation.

Highlighting Africa’s immense size and its potential for positive development, the Russian President expressed optimism about the continent’s future, believing it can compensate for any setbacks experienced in the past. 

Putin underscored the significance of nurturing political relations founded on trust and friendship between Russia and Africa, urging for a deepening of economic ties between the two. 

He observed that African nations perceive Russia as a friend, and he emphasized the need to translate this political trust into tangible economic cooperation.

With trade agreements in the works and an eye towards a mutually beneficial partnership, Russia’s engagement with Arab countries in Africa, including Morocco, signals a potential boost to economic relations in the region. The commitment to establishing free trade zones reflects a strategic effort to foster trade, investment, and overall economic prosperity between Russia and North African nations.


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