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Publication of the 13th volume of the Strategic Dialogues report

The Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) and HEC Center for Geopolitics have announced the publication of the 13th volume of the Strategic Dialogues report, with two main themes: “the fragmentation of the world”, a subject of global interest and “the Africa of the Great Lakes” which deals with a more regional issue.

This report, which follows debates organized by the two institutions, focuses in its first part on the current international system where several blocs have arisen: the Western bloc, the Eurasian bloc and the group of African and Pacific countries. .

These blocks have not weakened the current bipolarity between the United States and China, it is a question of a new bipolarity accompanied by an unorganized multipolarity, which is reflected in the rise of the phenomena of the consecrated emergence by the creation of the G20 and a neo-non-alignment. The levers of unity and the factors of fragmentation of the Arab world are also examined, while looking at the impact of this ambiguity on the functioning of the Arab League.

Fragmentation, it is emphasized in this report, is also economic and affects markets as much as the international monetary system, without forgetting the disturbances suffered by regional integration, particularly in Africa.

In addition, the second part of the report dissects the Africa of the Great Lakes; a region that oscillates between two contradictory geopolitical dynamics: fragmentation and unification, which fuel conflict and cooperation respectively.

The authors describe the different aspects of the issues in the region: security of course, economic, as well as the dangerous use of collective identity to justify conflicts or tensions between different groups or nations.

The following topics were examined in more depth: Rwanda’s military diplomacy in CAR (Central African Republic) and Mozambique, non-state armed groups (NSAG) present in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, diplomatic relations between India and Great Lakes Africa as well as the limits of this relationship, and finally the evolution of the Russian presence in the Great Lakes region and the determinants of this dynamic, underline the two institutions.



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