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Proud of the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel, Gad Elmaleh criticizes “living together”

In an interview with I24NEWS, Gad Elmaleh spoke about the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel and notably addressed the concept of “living together” which he does not seem to adhere to.

Of Jewish faith, Moroccan comedian Gad Elmaleh welcomed the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel, saying he was not surprised by this decision.

“The standardization of reports [entre Israël et le Maroc], I’m so proud of it. I’m happy but not surprised! »said Gad Elmaleh in an interview with Valérie Abecassis for Culture magazine on i24NEWS on the occasion of the tour of his new sixth one-man show titled “D’ailleurs”, in France, Belgium and Switzerland. He says to himself “tremendously affected by the Abraham Accords”.

During this interview, the 50-year-old actor joked about the concept of living together which, according to him, is misinterpreted, especially in France.

“The living together that we harp on in France” seems to bother him, “yes, of course, we want to live together, but suddenly it becomes a concept, no! », he explains, taking the example of Morocco, which defines it as “the ability of individuals to live together harmoniously within a healthy environment in which there is social and cultural diversity”.

CULTURE | “I don’t understand that living together is a concept. Between Jews and Arabs in the #Morocco, that was not a goal, it was the natural consequence of cohabitation. Teach your child who his neighbors are and he will live together on his own” @Gad Elmaleh pic.twitter.com/fAyoDZQtCR

— i24NEWS French (@i24NEWS_FR) March 6, 2022

“Living together must be a consequence of what we were taught when we were younger, to know and tolerate the other. But we arrive today after all the problems and accidents, and we say ‘come, let’s live together’. Nah, it’s too late”he believes.

On the subject of cultural and religious diversity within his audience, the Moroccan comedian explains: “I’m not into ‘fake’ things! Several languages ​​speak in me, several identities. I’m talking about my religious identity, my nationality, everything is mixed up. […] I am not in a posture of peace, I am in it, I live it! »he points out.




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