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production strengthened by 6.2% at the end of October

The production of electric energy at the national level strengthened by 6.2% at the end of the first ten months of 2021, instead of a drop of 4.5% a year earlier, according to the Department of Studies and financial forecasts (DEPF).

This development is due to the good performance of private electricity production (+ 5.5%), that of ONEE (+ 10.1%) and that of renewable energies relating to law 13- 09 (+ 3.9%), specifies the DEPF in its economic report of December 2021, specifying that compared to its pre-crisis level, this production has improved by 1.4%.

Regarding the consumption of electric energy, it increased by 5.8% at the end of October 2021, after + 10.1% a month earlier and a decline of 2.8% there one year, covering an increase in sales of “Very High, High and Medium Voltage (THMT) energy, excluding distributors” of 10.6%, those intended for distributors by 4.7% and those addressed to households 2.1%. Compared to its pre-crisis level, consumption of electrical energy increased by 2.8%. Under these conditions, the volume of imported electrical energy fell by 8.2% at the end of October 2021, after an increase of 38.7% a year earlier.

The exported volume increased by 33.8% (after -59.7%), in a context of an increase in the volume of net energy demand of 5.7% (after -2%), let the DEPF know.




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